Anderson International Corp is part of Triott. Triott is a holding with consisting the following companies

Triott is a holding with seven independent operating companies: Each company specializes in one or more aspects that play a role in the design of and the implementation of machinery, process equipment and installations for the compound feed industry and other cereal related processes.

The unique properties will result in maximum synergy that has benefits at both machine level and for (large-scale) turn-key projects.

Together we continuously support and create solutions for our partners in their effort of producing the best result in their local environment.

Through close partnerships we create customized local solutions to meet the requirements or our partners.

We invest in sustainable development to provide our partners with high-quality reliable equipment.

Triott shares a set of key values that comes back in all our activities:

  • Environment
  • Involvement
  • Product & Process Quality
  • Product & Process Know-how
  • Integrity
  • Loyality
  • Respect
  • Long-term relationship with our stakeholders
  • Balance between human, environment and company

Each operating company is and will remain responsible for its own operation activities.