Containerized Mills

`Modular systems – containerized mills are a unique concept developed by Anderson Feed Technology. The containerized mills were developed in the early 70’s and since then many installations have been completed worldwide. Over the past 45 years a complete range of highly efficient containerized systems have been developed and installed. The containerized systems are easily upgraded to incorporate the latest standards in milling technology.

Reducing installation time
The complete system including utility lines is pre-assembled in the factory in modular units. The individual skids are shipped to site and connected like legos resulting in an 80% reduction in installation time!

The containerized mills can be supplied in the range of 1 to 60 tons per hour. Each section or skid is built into a metal frame that is equivalent in size to a 20-ft container. The frame of the container has two functions. The frame is not only used for shipment it is also the steel structure of the processing plant.

We create modular solutions for:

Advantages of containerized mills:

  • All components are reliable and tested
  • Minimum installation time on site
  • Low freight costs and easy handling
  • Complete with support frame
  • Complete with all electrical and compressed air systems
  • Assembled and checked in factory before despatch
  • Saving on civil and building costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • The plant can be erected in a short timeframe
  • Easily to expand

Proved concept with many outstanding references.

Range of Containerized Mills

Type Mash (t/h) Pellets (t/h) Batch size (lbs)
C3-2 3 2 1102
C5 5 2204
C5-5 5 5 2204
C10 10 2204
C10-5/10 10 5/10 2204
C15 15 2204
C15 15 15 2204
C20 20 4409
C20-10-10/20 20 10(2x)/20 4409
C30 30 4409
C30-15-15/20/30 30 15 (2x)/20/30 4409
C40 40-45 6613
C40-20-20/30 40-45 20(2x) 6613
C60 60 8818
C60-20-20-20 60 20(x3) 8818

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