Newsletter: Is your mixer an overlooked problem? Or an opportunity?


We expect an amazing amount of production from a mixer. It simply chugs along all day, dropping a batch of feed every few minutes and we barely recognize what it is accomplishing. Unfortunately, what it is accomplishing is often less than spectacular performance. Read our latest newsletter to see our view on your mixer.

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Pellet mill and Conditioner

When you visited us at the IPPE last year, you may remember our robust Pellet mill we showed there. At this moment, the Pellet Press Pro 850 with Conditioner 500 are still at our location in Ohio. Unfortunately we can’t put the Pellet mill on display this year, so we are looking for a nice destination where it will be used for what it’s meant to do: pelletize. If you are interested in this Pelletizer/ Conditioner combination feel free to contact us.

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