The primary job of any cleaning system is to protect the downstream processing equipment from foreign objects. For this reason, the cleaning equipment should be located at the very beginning of any process system and typically at or after the intake of raw materials. The Anderson Feed Technology pre-cleaners can separate all manner of foreign material such as wood, stone, rope, and any other material that pose a threat to the longevity of the processing equipment.

The Anderson Feed Technology rotating drum pre-cleaner consistsof a rotating drum, clad with a mesh screen with holes typically around of 1.5 × 1.5 inches. The material is fed to the inside of the drum. The good material passes the screen and is normally sent to an external magnet. The oversized material is transported by flighting to the back of the machine and collected in the second outlet.

The inlet section of the machine contains a manually operated bypass valve and is fitted with manganese steel replaceable wearing plates. The bypass valve is bolted to its position with optional sensors relaying the position to the process control system.

The pre-cleaner is completely enclosed and equipped with a connection for optional dust aspiration. The product outlet port is equipped with a sight glass with an optional level switch to detect product build up.

The cleaner is driven by a shaft mounted gear reducer and a c-face motor at the rear.

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An optional aspiration port exists for removal of fine contaminents. Vibrating screens are also available for removal of coarse impurities in raw material receiving. Screens can also be equipped with magents and aspriation ports.


Range of basket sifters/pre-cleaners

Type Drive
Diameter(In) Capacity(ft3/h) Weight(lbs)
600 2 24 3532 1100
1000 5 40 7063 3520
1000S 5 40 12714 4180
1250 5 50 14126 5500