Continuous Coaters

The Anderson Feed Technology Continuous Coaters is ideal for adding and mixing liquids, evenly on pellets and/or extrudates. By dosing the liquids through a spray box, the product and liquids are slowly mixed together. The trough of the coater itself is executed in stainless or mild steel, with 2 inch thick insulated jacket. Optional vessel heating stimulates the absorption of the liquid and avoids contamination of the trough. The coater is equipped with hinged inspection hatches over the full length of the mixing trough, which allows easy access. Apart from oil and/or fat, also vitamins, enzymes, etc. can be added in small quantities. Dosing systems for these products are available upon request.

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Features Continuous coaters

  • Low power consumption
  • In stainless or mild steel construction
  • Large doors enabling easy inspection/cleaning
  • Rigid construction
  • Variable heating system with insulated jacket
  • Low rate of wear
  • Multiple spraying section (optional)
  • Spray box capable of dosing multiple liquids
  • The liquids are sprayed on an even flow of product

Range of Continuous coaters

Model Capacity
250 1-3 2 2x
450 10-15 3 3x
600 20-25 5 4x
750 30-40 10 2x