Vacuum Coaters

Anderson Feed Technology vacuum coaters are used to add high percentages of liquids to pellets and/or extrudates. This batch-wise process of the vacuum coaters are used in the following industries:

  • Aquatic feed plants
    Addition of pigments and micro-ingredients as well as oil up to 30%
  • Pet food plants
    Addition of micro-ingredients, aromas as well as oils and fats up to 17%
  • Feed production
    Addition of Phytase enzymes and vegetable oil up to 8%

Features Vacuum Coaters

  • Vacuum process ensures liquid addition into the core of the pellet
  • Versatile operation and compact design
  • Low energy consumption

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Special execution

  • Vacuum pump set
  • Weighing frame
  • (Digest) powder addition system
  • Liquid dosing equipment
  • Available in stainless steel grades 304 and 316

Range of Vacuum coaters

Min. capacity
DPMV – 5007.51854400
DPMV – 70012.52575510
DPMV – 11002039118600
DPMV – 140030501410140
DPMV – 210030742115100
DPMV – 280040/501002818520

*) Based upon 2 time liquid addition + s.w. 37 lb/ft3.
Design data may change without prior notice.