Retention Time Barrel (RTB)

The Retention Time Barrel (RTB) is used to maintain products at an elevated temperature for additional residence time after treatment in a steam conditioner. After the RTB the product can be further treated in a pellet mill, extruder or meal cooler. The thermal treatment of the product results in an easier operation in the pellet mill, which simultaneously results in an improved pellet quality.

Advantages Retention Time Barrel

  • Guaranteed first-in/first-out of the mixture
  • Up to 15% increase of pelleting capacity, due to higher temperature and improved absorption of steam
  • Product is kept at required temperature
  • Minimal formation of condensation
  • Reduced growth of bacteria
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple design


  • All components that come into contact with the product are from AISI 304
  • Solid shaft with large flight and inclined pitch
  • Stuffing box sealings on shaft
  • Belt-driven by gear motor, suitable for frequency control. Frequency converter not included
  • Timing belt transmission
  • Large inspection doors with safety switch
  • Temperature sensor PT 100
  • Insulated with rock-wool
  • Electric heating system with adjustable thermostat 90-230 °F

Range of Time Retentions Barrels

Motor Power (hp)
700 x 3000657411401043
900 x 30001174501461023
900 x 40001474501841413
900 x 45001674502031613
900 x 56602074502492063

* With a retention time of 240 seconds