Single Conditioners

The details in the engineering and design make this conditioner stand out from the competition. Generously sized paddles that are adjustable in both pitch and height create a homogenous mixture for a hygienic process. The robust, low maintenance design are combined with a screw feeder and steam set to allow for maximum absorption of steam and liquids by the ingredients. The steam conditioner can be provided with optional insulation and an electrically heated jacket to minimize condensation and premature cooling.

Features Single Conditioners

  • Mixer housing in AISI 304, base plate construction in heavy
    duty steel
  • Solid mixer shaft in AISI 304 with interchangeable paddles,
    adjustable in both height and pitch
  • Paddle holders in AISI 304, paddles in Hardox
  • Built-in scrapers at endplates
  • Stuffing box sealings on mixer shaft
  • Closed shaft bearings on spacers outside the housing
  • Direct drive by gear motor. Suitable for frequency control. Frequency converter not included.
  • Large inspection doors with safety switch
  • Temperature sensor PT 100
  • 1 steam inlet 3” and 2 liquid inlets 1½”
  • Electric heat tracing system, insulated with rock-wool (optional)

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  • Homogeneous mixing and hygienic process
  • Optimum absorption of steam and liquids
  • Robust construction of the housing
  • Easy to clean
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Simple design

Range of Conditioners

Direct drive

Type Single Capacity(tph) Motorpower (kW)
450 x 1700 12 15
450 x 2000 15 15
500 x 2500 20 25
500 x 3000 25 15
700 x 3000 30 30