Hammer Mills GHM

Over 100 years of experience and innovation have led to the development of a wide range of high-efficiency Hammer Mills GHM for a variety of applications. The GHM series Hammer Mills are equipped with adjustable breaker plates to allow for efficient grinding in both directions. Placing the break plates at two different locations creates an assymetric grinding action resulting in higher impact forces, less wear on the screens, and a more consistent flow of product through the grinding chamber.

Features Hammer Mills GHM

  • Designed for dual direction of rotation
  • Electro-pneumatic operated product guide valve
  • Adjustable breaker plates
  • Built on heavy base frame with shock absorbers
  • Precisely balanced rotor guarantees a long service life
  • 6 rows of hammers
  • Suitable for frequency control

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Special execution

  • 8 rows of hammers for aquatic feed and pet food
  • Automatic feeder (frequency controlled)
  • Automatic screen changer
  • ATEX22 certified components

The GMH Series Hammer Mills are the latest in grinding technology. These mills are hygienically designed for high capacities and low energy consumption.


Range of Hammer Mills GHM

Type  Motor (hp) Chamber
Screen surface
Number of
Capacity (t/h)* weight (lbs)**
       Maize Barley
GHM-750B(A) 200 – 300 30 50 (36) 90 38 20 5940
GHM-1000B(A) 250 – 350 40 20 (50) 114 50 30 7040
GHM-1250B(A) 350 – 550 50 50 (19) 132 60 45 9900

* Capacity on a 5/32″(in) screen
** Weight excl. motor and automatic screen exchange