Roll feeders

The Anderson Feed Technology Roll Feeders guarantee an even supply of product to the hammer mill and are driven by a high efficiency 2.0 HP motor reducer with variable frequency control. The feed comes equipped with an integral de-stoner for removal of heavy particles. Iron particles are caught by a high strength permanent magnet with an automatic cleaning system. The items removed are collected in a tray. The roll feeder, destoner, magnet and collection tray are assembled into a fully sealed feed unit. A special, multiple dosing screw can be used as an option for very fatty products and products with poor flow characteristics.


  • Capacity up to 60 tph depending on type of product
  • Maximum feed width: 50 inches

Application area

Above all types of hammer mills and/or roller mills in the animal feed, pet food and aqua feed industry.

Options Roll Feeders

  • Feed roller speed can be adjusted by means of a motor reducer and frequency control
  • Iron extraction magnet
  • Automatic magnet cleaning
  • Adjustable air inlet valve (with automatic control)
  • Destoner

Available on request

  • Feed unit for products with low transportability or bulky products (screw feeder)
  • Automatic product load monitoring

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