Continuous Mixers

The Anderson Continuous Mixers is engineered to uniformly mix liquids into ground ingredients (for instance, molasses into mash). A dosing pump with adjustable drive can be supplied with the mixer. The quantity of liquid to be added is precisely measured by a flowmeter, which is designed for automatic control. The screw feeder ensures an even flow of product into the mixer.

Features Continuous Mixers

  • Rigid construction
  • Constructed with plastic liner for reduction of contamination
  • Wear resistant paddles
  • Large access doors enabling easy replacement of worn parts
  • Low power consumption (approx. 1 Hp/T)
  • Adjustable mixing paddles for optimum mixing result

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The Anderson Feed Technology mixing line also includes the

All machines can be customized. The machines can be carried out in stainless and be delivered with ATEX 22 components, special internal coatings, a powerful drive and other options.


Range of Continuous mixers

Type Capacity
Weight (lbs*)
MM 20 v-belt 20-30 15 1654
MM 20 direct 20-30 30 1786
MM 40 v-belt 40-50 50 2977
MM 40 direct 40-50 50 3087
MM 60 v-belt 60 75 4079
MM 60 direct 60 75 4300
MM 80 v-belt 60-80 75 4465
MM 80 direct 60-80 75 4465

*Weight incl. motor