Ribbon Mixers

The horizontal ribbon mixers are high efficient batch mixers which can mix with accuracy in a very short period. The mixer consists a “tulip”-shaped mixing and a shaft with mixing spirals. The ribbons move the materials in opposite direction. The geometric design guarantees an intensive mixing process with a low rotation speed.This results in an accuracy of 1:100.000 in a mixing time cap of 3 to 4 minutes.

Special attention has been paid to hygienic aspects. Connections inside the machine are smooth to prevent pollution and cross contamination. The construction of the shaft with the bars that hold the spirals is done with an absolute minimum of welding, avoiding clamps with external bolts for hygiene reasons.

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Features Ribbon Mixers

  • Inspection hatch provided with safety lockers
  • Pneumatic outlet side for dosed output
  • Mixing time between 180 – 240 seconds
  • Average 10 batches (with outlet side)
  • Low energy consumption


  • Stainless steel execution
  • Special internal coatings
  • Atex 22 components
  • Pneumatic bombdoors

Other Mixing Solutions

All machines can be customized. The machines can be carried out in stainless and be delivered with ATEX 22 components, special internal coatings, a powerful drive and other options.


Range of Ribbon mixers

RM 50013355052640
RM 1000264110010-153740
RM 20005302200155170
RM 40001057440025-308580
RM 6000158666003012320
RM 8000211488005019360
RM 10.0002642110006022880
RM 12.0003171132007526400

*Weight incl. motor