Vertical Mixers

The vertical conveyor is especially designed for efficient blending of raw material. The working principle; The product is conveyed from the bottom of the trough to the top where it falls by gravity. This sequence is  repeated several times until a blend is obtained. The screw shaft is equipped with a scraper at the bottom to prevent product buildup. The mixer is equipped with a bolted cover to allow the pipe screw conveyor to be removed. The bolted cover also has one inspection hatch. The main bearing of the mixer shaft is heavy, dust thrust bearings. The mixer is equipped with one pneumatic operated outlet-slide. The screw conveyor is powered by a sturdy shaft-mounted geared motor.

The vertical mixers are used to mix different raw materials or powdered finished products which are difficult to transport, such as animal meal, fish meal, etc.:

Vertical Mixers are used in the:

  • Animal feed industry
  • Pet food industry
  • Rendering plants
  • Sugar factories (beet pulp)
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Chemical industry

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  • Outlet in base equipped with pneumatic slide
  • Heavy-duty, vertical mixing shaft bearing
  • Driven by direct-coupled motor reducer


  • Stainless steel execution
  • Atex 22 certified components

Other Mixing Solutions

All machines can be customized. The machines can be carried out in stainless and be delivered with ATEX 22 components, special internal coatings, a powerful drive and other options.


Range of Vertical mixers

Type Volume
Diameter (inch) Trough
VM500 133 40 1 1 10
VM1000 264 40 1 1 10
VM2000 530 60 1 1 15
VM4000 1057 60 1 1 15
VM6000 1586 79 1 1 15
VM8000 2114 79 1 1 25
VM10.000 2642 79 1 1 30
VM12.000 3171 79 1 1 40