Progress Pellet Mills

Anderson Feed Technology Progress pellet mills are highly stable, robust and refined. Decades of experience in development, engineering, and production ensure quality and continuity. The Pellet Mills are partially patented innovations offer a unique price/performance ratio. The technological concept ensures an even distribution of the enormous mechanical forces on the heavy bearings of the solid main shaft and intermediate shafts.

The stepped transmission via V-belts and timing belts permit the application of higher motor powers. Combined with the refined transmission, the robust frame guarantees a stable and vibration-free pellet mill during production.

Advantages Progress Pellet Mills

  • Very stable, vibration-free and near-silent mill
  • Large die surface area and roller diameter
  • Large motor powers
  • Variable die speed
  • Suitable as two- or three-roller pellet mill
  • Longer lifetime of die and rollers
  • Conical die fitting
  • Central greasing system
  • Longer lifetime of main shaft bearings
  • Integrated pneumatic quick-dump chute
  • Cutting knife, fixed on press frame
  • Integrated hoist facility
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple design
  • Central electrical connection box

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Range of Progress pellet mills

(hp max.)
Number of
Die dimensionsWeight
(incl. motors)
580 x 1462 x 1252/31123641212126
650 x 1752 x 12521226755413228
700 x 1902 x 12521328864813779
850 x 2102 x 2502/31634986919842
900 x 2282 x 2502/31736999820944
900 x 2752 x 3002/3173611120522047
1000 x 3002 x 3002184013146130865
1100 x 3802 x 3002204415203545195