Square Silo

A square silo provides 25% more storage capacity than round silos for the same floor space.  Therefore, a square is the optimum shape for maximum storage capacity of raw materials and finished goods. Additionally, our square silos are manufactured with an ultra smooth interior wall finish and designed to assure no welds are needed on the inside structure. As a result of our state of the art design we can assure no product build-up on the inside without sacrificing structural integrity.

The goal of the square silo is to provide efficient space utilization and a flexible plant layout all in a sturdy, hygeinic design. Our organization is dedicated to providing a complete storage solution with the most functional design from sale to installation. We can provide a number of square bin designs tailored to the processors needs starting with the steel support structure to the insulated and cladded finished product.

In addition to designing the silos to support product load, they can also be designed as an integral part of the building to support the entire processing system. Our engineers can work out the calculations and designs to optimize both storage and processing space alike while taken local regulations into account.

Our silo systems are built up in a modular fashion on site to allow for high versatility of design options that are easily assembled and can be tailored to a number of different processes.

The secret to our versatile yet simple storage solutions lie in our individual steel silo panels. They are designed to allow for multiple configurations with the same, simple installation principle.

Advantages Square Silo

  • Optimum product outflow
  • No weld seams in the silo
  • Hygienic, low-dust working environment
  • No mixing of products between cells
  • Precise, tailor-made, flexible modular construction
  • High strength thanks to clever design
  • Coated walls
  • Stainless steel
  • (Stainless) steel construction
  • Roof

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