Quick Die Change system, proven technology since 1988.

Downtime of the Pellet Mill because of replacing the die influences the production process. Reducing the duration of the die change is hence an important focus for feed mill operators.

The innovative Quick Die Change System (QDC) of Anderson Feed Technology improves efficiency by shortening die replacement time to approx. 10-12 minutes.

The QDC system, based on the nut-and-bolt principle, can easily be done by just one operator; It is not a hard job! Through this system, operators have more time left for other important issues in the feed mill.

In addition to the increased efficiency, time and cost-saving advantages, the possibility to produce feed with different pellet sizes and special feed in the same pellet mill, the system also makes the line flexible to produce special feed just in time.

Whitepaper Quick Die Change system.

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